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Village Hall

102 S. Second St.
West Dundee, IL 60118    Phone: 847-551-3800
Fax: 847-551-3809    View Map

Public Safety Center I

555 S. Eighth St.
West Dundee, IL 60118    Phone: 847-551-3810
Fax: 847-551-3843    View Map

Public Safety Center II

100 Carrington Drive
West Dundee, IL 60118    Phone: 847-551-3805
Fax: 847-551-3814    View Map

Public Works

900 Angle Tarn
West Dundee, IL 60118    Phone: 847-551-3815
Fax: 847-551-3842    View Map

To email any of the staff listed below, click the department name on the line of interest.
Department Name First Name Last Name Position
Village Board Christopher Nelson Village President
Village Board Board General Mail Box
Village Board Cheryl Alopogianis Village Trustee
Village Board Cheryl Anderley Village Trustee
Village Board Mark Johnson Village Trustee
Village Board Thomas Price Village Trustee
Village Board Daniel Wilbrandt Village Trustee
Village Board Andy Yuscka Village Trustee
Administration  Department Joseph Cavallaro Village Manager
Administration  Department Department General Mail Box
Administration  Department Mary Jo Pape Executive Assistant / Village Clerk
Administration  Department Kelly Mastera Management Analyst / Deputy Village Clerk
Administration  Department Michael Spiro IT Coordinator (PT)
Finance Department David Danielson Finance Director (PT)
Finance Department Department General Mail Box
Finance Department Kathleen Hays Finance Assistant - AP / Local Tax
Finance Department Terri Nelson Finance Assistant - Water Billing
Police Department Department General Mail Box
Police Department Anthony Gorski Police Chief
Police Department Jim Breon Patrol Sergeant
Police Department Kyle Ficek Patrol Sergeant
Police Department Daniel Haines Deputy Chief of Police
Police Department Nathan Herman Commander
Police Department Kevin Burke Administrative Supervisor
Community Development Timothy J. Scott,
Director of Economic Development, Planning, Zoning and Urban Design
Community Development Department General Mail Box
Community Development Thomas Moszczynski Director of Community Development / Building Official
Community Development Kim Tibbetts Village Planner (PT)
Community Development Krista Conrad Code Enforcement Officer (PT)
Community Development Cyndi Gagliano Executive Assistant
Community Development General Mailbox Building Permits
Fire Department Department General Mail Box
Fire Department Michael Spiro Fire Chief
Fire Department Rick Paul Fire Prevention Officer (PT)
Fire Department Cyndi Gagliano Executive Assistant
Public Works Department Department General Mail Box
Public Works Department Eric Babcock Public Works Director
Public Works Department Adam Peters Utilities Superintendent
Public Works Department Mike Kirk Superintendent of Streets and Property
Public Works Department Christin Mangan Administrative Assistant
Police Department Lauren Rickett Patrol Sergeant
Community Development Claire Pape Administrative Assistant
Fire Department Claire Pape Administrative Assistant