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Fire Department

The West Dundee Fire Department is committed to providing professional and compassionate services to exceed the expectations of those within the community.

The West Dundee Fire Department will provide excellent service to our community through well prepared, trained, and educated professionals to meet the demands of a growing community.

The values of the West Dundee Fire Department are teamwork, Integrity, and pride.
Teamwork - The foundation of what we do is work together through training and mentorship 
Integrity - Do the right thing all the time
Pride - Caring for our community, our people, and our Department

Message from the Chief:
Spiro - Copy   On behalf of our entire staff, I welcome you to the West Dundee Fire Department’s website.  We take pride in our jobs and work hard to deliver exceptional service to our community.  We are committed to embracing evolving best practices to ensure great service for our residents and businesses.

The West Dundee Fire Department provides fire and emergency medical services for the Village of West Dundee. The Fire Department provides emergency response for approximately 3.58 square miles, with more than 7,800 citizens. West Dundee Fire Department is dispatched by Quadcom 911. Quadcom also provides fire dispatch for East Dundee Fire District, Carpentersville, and Rutland Dundee Fire District.  The four departments provide automatic response to each other using automatic vehicle location services, providing the closest appropriate vehicle at all times. We also provide mutual aid services for several of our surrounding communities.

The West Dundee Fire Department is committed to recruiting members who share our dedication to serving the community. Through rigorous training, our personnel excel in firefighting, emergency medical care, specialized rescue operations, fire prevention, and public education initiatives. Our personnel are dedicated to being the most educated and prepared emergency service providers. This is accomplished through continuous training and education.

In addition to emergency services, fire prevention personnel provide routine fire safety inspections of all industrial, commercial, educational, and multi-family buildings within the Village. Our Public Education Division provides specialized services through school programs, fire extinguisher training, block parties, and children’s safety programs, along with several other public education activities and events.

We invite you to explore our website, where you'll find information about our services and initiatives. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any inquiries or require further assistance.

Thank you for entrusting the West Dundee Fire Department with your safety.


Michael Spiro 
Fire Chief

The Village Fire Department includes the following:

  • 2 Fire Stations
  • 35 firefighters, paramedics, and officers
  • 3 Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances
  • 2 Fire Engines, 1 Squad, and 1 Tower Ladder fire apparatus (all are ALS equipped)
  • Hazardous Materials Response Team
  • Technical Rescue Team
  • Water Rescue and Recovery Team
  • Fire Investigations Unit
  • Training Division
  • CPR Training
  • Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Public Fire and Life Safety Education