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Business Registration

Thank you for locating or considering locating your business in West Dundee. To ensure that the process of opening your business goes as smoothly as possible, we are providing the below information, which includes forms and applications needed for the licensing and registration process.


Listed below are some of the topics covered in this document:

  • Village Government & Staff
  • Zoning
  • Demographics
  • Traffic Counts
  • Market Characteristics
  • Business License Application
  • Requisite forms for Construction & Signage
  • Requisite forms for Food-Serving Businesses
  • Requisite forms for Gas Stations
  • Requisite forms for Home Based Businesses
  • Requisite forms for Liquor Sales
  • Requisite forms for Massage Therapy
  • Requisite forms for Video Gaming
For answers to your specific questions regarding policies, procedures and opportunities for opening or enhancing your business in West Dundee, please contact the Community and Economic Development Departments at 847-551-3806 or

To access our Permitting system, CLICK HERE

Links to additional resources are provided below: