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Trash, Yard Waste and Recycling

Refuse collection is made available at no cost to all residential homes within the Village having 3 units or less. This service is contracted through Republic Services (Allied Waste).

Curbside trash, recycling and seasonal yard waste collection occur on Fridays beginning at 6 am. Items may be placed on the curb the evening prior to collection day.

The exception to this rule are the six major holidays observed by Republic Services. During the week of the below holidays, if the holiday falls on or before our regularly scheduled collection day (Friday), the collection day for that week will be Saturday:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas

All materials for collection must be placed near the curb in front of your home no earlier than the night before collection and should be easily accessible to the collector.

Please review the Residential Refuse & Recycling Programs PDF on this page (under Forms) for detailed information.

Refuse Collection

Each qualifying residence has been issued a two-wheeled refuse toter with a blue lid for collection of household garbage. All refuse should be placed inside the toter whenever possible. Larger or additional refuse items will still be collected when placed at the curb outside of the toter.

If you don’t have a refuse toter, please call Republic Services at (800) 650-0303 to request one. The standard size refuse toters are 95 gallons. Additional refuse toters can be rented directly from Republic if needed.

Please contact Republic directly at (800) 650-0303 should you have a large quantity of refuse or large household appliances in need of pick-up.

Recycling Collection

Each qualifying residence has been issued a two-wheeled recycling toter with a gray lid for single-sort recycling. Items should be placed in the bin loose and unseparated. A list of the items which can be recycled can be found on the top of the bin.

If you don’t have a recycling toter, please call Republic Services at (800) 650-0303 to request one. Recycle bins are 65 gallons, with a 35 gallon bin available to senior residents. Additional recycling bins can be rented directly from Republic if needed.

Yard Waste Collection (seasonal)

Free yard waste pick-up is available to residents beginning the first Friday in April and ending the last Saturday in November.

Yard waste should be prepared as follows: loose material should be bagged in Kraft type paper sacks or in a refuse can clearly marked “yard waste”. If you use a refuse can, be sure to leave the lid off, so the contents can be easily identified as yard waste.

You can also dispose of tree and brush material less than 2 inches in diameter. These should be cut and bundled with a biodegradable twine. Please keep limbs no longer than 4 feet in length and bundles no larger than 2 feet in diameter.

The Village will collect downed parkway limbs and private property limbs from the parkway only after a significant storm event. The Village also conducts a Fall Leaf Collection program during the months of October and November. During this time, leaves can be raked into the street along the curb for collection.

Electronics and Battery Recycling

Electronics and household battery recycling is available Monday through Fridays from 8 am to 3 pm at the Public Works Facility, 900 Angle Tarn.

View the Electronics Recycling PDF on this page (under Forms) for information on accepted items.

Unwanted electronics in working condition can also be dropped off at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Route 31 and Goodwill Industries on Miller Road in Carpentersville.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Household hazardous waste items are materials purchased for cleaning or maintaining a home or personal vehicle, such as automotive fluids, fluorescent bulbs, oil based paints and more.

Residents of West Dundee can arrange for free pick-up Household Hazardous Waste items once per year by calling 1-800-449-7587. A regional HHW drop off facility is also available, located at 156 Fort Hill Drive in Naperville, on Saturdays & Sundays from 9am to 2pm (excluding holidays). Visit the City of Naperville HHW page for more information and a complete list of items accepted.


Kane County has an extensive list of items eligible for recycling. Please see the Kane County Recycles website for information regarding the proper disposal or recycling of pharmaceuticals, latex paint, Styrofoam, shredded paper, CFL light bulbs, plastic bags, motor oil and more.

Keep in mind that our local thrift stores accept donations of unwanted household items and clothing. Also, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Route 31 in Elgin accepts furniture and surplus or unwanted building materials such as cabinets, flooring, fixtures and more. Donating these items not only extends their useful life and keeps them out of landfills, but also provides inexpensive alternatives to local families and individuals.

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Republic Services


(800) 650-0303

Call to report a broken recycling toter, missed pickup or to request special pickup.


Water Quality Update

Below is a follow-up regarding water softener repairs and barium/radium levels in the West Dundee water system. (To view the previously distributed information, please scroll down to the post entitled “West Dundee Water Quality Notice”.)

Repairs have been completed to three water softeners at the Angle Tarn Water Treatment Facility, and based on these repairs West Dundee has submitted all required bacterial samples for testing to an independent testing lab and to the IEPA. The IEPA requires two consecutive passing samples to be received in order to allow the repaired water softeners to be brought back on-line.

Notification of the second passing sample was received on February 4, 2015. As of February 5, the Village began distributing softened water back into the Village’s water system.

Based on demand, water utilization and storage, it is expected to take a few days before you will notice the return of softened water at the tap. Residents should notice a difference in the water quality when the softened water arrives at your home. By about February 11, it is expected that the existing treated water will be completely replaced by treated, softened water.

After the system is flushed, by the middle of next week, we will be collecting samples again and submitting them to an independent lab and the IEPA for testing of levels of barium and radiologicals. Upon receipt of those results, we will again provide notification to the community of the test results.

It is fully expected at that time that the water delivered to the homes and businesses in West Dundee will be found to be within the IEPA standards for barium and radium once again.

If you have any questions regarding water quality in West Dundee, please feel free to contact the Village Hall at 847-551-3800 or, or the Public Works Department at 847-551-3815 or

General Maintenance Code Enforcement

Based on direction from the Village Board and a focus on general aesthetics of the neighborhoods of West Dundee, the Village will be placing increased attention a number of common property maintenance code violations.

The areas of code enforcement that will be focused on include:

• Vehicles parked in driveways should not block the sidewalk, particularly during daylight hours, in order to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment throughout the Village.

• Refuse containers should not be placed curbside any earlier than the evening prior to collection. Typically, this is Thursday evening. During the week of the 6 major holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day), collection is moved to Saturday, in which case refuse containers should not be placed earlier than Friday evening.

• Garbage cans should not be stored along the front (street side) of your home, but rather along the side or in the rear yard.

• Grass and weeds within your individual lot should be properly maintained, and do not become overgrown or unsightly. These would include any planting beds, landscape areas or lawns.

• Outdoor fire pits must located in the rear yard and at least 20’ away from any structure or combustible material. No garbage or yard waste is permitted to be burned.

• RVs, boats and trailers may not be stored in any driveway for longer than 48 hours.

Please click below for additional information regarding enforcement intentions related to these code compliance issues.


ComEd Cares - Financial Assistance Plans

ComEd has dedicated $10 million in assistance funds in 2014 to help customers facing financial hardship pay their electric bill. Through April 1, 2014 ComEd has adjusted the eligibility requirements for financial assistance programs for eligible residents including seniors, veterans and activated members of the armed services. In addition, the company is now offering flexible budget billing and flexible deferred payment agreement options to assist customers receiving higher than normal bills in light of the severe cold weather blanketing northern Illinois.

To apply for ComEd’s Residential Special Hardship grant, or the State sponsored assistance programs, such as LIHEAP, customers should visit a local LIHEAP Agency such as Community Contacts, Inc at 100 S. Hawthorne, Elgin, (847) 697-8800.

For more information on any of ComEd’s assistance programs or to enroll in ComEd’s bill-payment assistance programs, call 1-888-806-CARE (2273) or visit ComEd.Com/CARE for more information.

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Electronics Banned from Landfills

The Illinois Electronics Products Recycling and Reuse Act, which initially banned TVs and monitors from entering landfills beginning January 1, 2012, has been expanded to include the following electronics products:

- TVs & Monitors
- Printers
- Computers (including Laptops & Tablets)
- Electronic Keyboards & Mice
- Fax Machines
- VCRs & DVD Players & Recorders
- Portable Digital Music Players
- Video Game Consoles
- Small Scale Servers
- Scanners
- Digital Converter Boxes
- Cable & Satellite Receivers

These items must be returned for recycling or reuse. Manufacturers of these electronic devices in Illinois are required to accept them for recycling. A list of companies is available on the IEPA's website.

Electronics may also be dropped off for recycling at the Elgin ReStore at 800 N State St in Elgin from 9am to 6pm Wednesdays through Fridays and 9am to 4pm Saturdays, or at the West Dundee Public Works Facility at 900 Angle Tarn Monday through Friday 8am to 3pm.

Kane County Recycles

This article provides a brief history and a look forward at recycling in Kane County and Dundee Township.

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Apr 03

Yard Waste Collection Begins

Curbside yard waste collection resumes for the first refuse collection date in April and continues until the last refuse collection date in November.

For more information and details regarding preparation of yard waste for collection, please click below.

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